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JMS is the leading private pharmaceutical store in Uganda serving at least 3000 medical facilities.  It was established in 1979 as a joint venture between Uganda Catholic Medical Bureau (UCMB) and Uganda Protestant Medical Bureau (UPMB).
JMS is licensed to by National Drug Authority to engage in import, export, whole sale of medicines and related health care supplies.

It is registered as a corporate body established under the Trustees Incorporation Act (Cap 165). 

The tipping point

Affected by the 1979 insurgency, Uganda underwent a crisis in the supply of medicines. The Church through its Bureaus Uganda Catholic and Uganda Protestant Medical Bureaus made a key decision to transit from the heavy donor reliance. A decision to form Joint Medical Store, a non-profit organisation was to ensure procurement of quality medicines for the mission based facilities (Private Not for Profit Facilities)

This would facilitate sustainability and empower the facilities easily access quality medicines.

This journey has streamlined the pharmaceutical supply chain enabling the channelling of not only regular supplies but also donor funded items through JMS. During the 38 year journey, JMS has expanded its services to include repair, servicing and maintenance of medical equipment and capacity building. It has also opened up a branch in Mbarara serving Western Uganda.


JMS was established by Uganda Catholic Medical Bureau (UCMB) and Uganda Protestant Medical Bureau (UPMB). It is a Not-For-Profit organization.
Steadfast stewardship is provided by the Board of Trustees and Board of Directors. The board through various committees provides close supervision that facilitate timely decision making.

JMS has an Experienced Dedicated Management guided by JMS values of Integrity, Responsibility, Adaptability, Responsiveness, Excellence, 

Our Vision

"A Partner of Choice Excelling in Health Solutions for the Glory of God. "

Our Mission

"To Provide Affordable Quality Health Solutions through an Efficient Supply Chain System that Delivers value to Accredited Health Units and Other Stakeholders. "

About Us

Joint Medical Store (JMS) was established in 1979 as a joint venture of the Uganda Catholic Medical Bureau (UCMB) and the Uganda Protestant Medical Bureau (UPMB).

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