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JMS is a hub of vast exciting careers. It has nurtured and provided an opportune environment allowing the blossoming of many careers.

JMS runs a rigorous graduate trainee programme every year. This provides graduates an opportunity to practice their acquired skills. The programme’s main goal to provide the youth with the much needed experience required increasingly in todays’ organisations.


Main Purpose of the Job; To lead and spearhead the use of business data and statistical methods to provide insight into business performance and suggest areas and methods of improving operations. The position holder shall implement and oversee the various business analytics dimensions and present insights and recommendations to management for decision making and strategic planning. Please follow this link Detailed Business Analytics Manager Job Advert here



Joint Health Care Investment Limited (JHCIL) is the trading arm of Joint Medical Store (JMS) incorporated in February 2017. It is owned by both Uganda Catholic Medical Bureaux and the Uganda Protestant Medical Bureaux and it is engaged in the production and manufacture of health care related solutions. Joint Health Care Investment Limited is therefore recruiting a qualified and experienced Business Development Coordinator.

Reporting to;             Executive Director.

Salary;            UGX 50,400,000 per annum inclusive of allowances.

Main purpose of the job; To coordinate the overall general administration and management of the day to day activities of JHCIL and offer strategic support towards the growth of the business lines within the company.

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Joint Medical Store (JMS) was established in 1979 as a joint venture of the Uganda Catholic Medical Bureau (UCMB) and the Uganda Protestant Medical Bureau (UPMB).

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